Wednesday 11 May 2016

Eyeball Dissection

We have all been very busy preparing for the upcoming science fair. Both hubs have been exploring different scientific concepts and will soon have to make the difficult decision of what they will focus their science projects on for the fair. One of the sciences being studied is biology and this week on Wednesday a group of children got down and dirty and dissected their first eyeball.

"First we cut off the sclera, the fatty tissue, from around the eyeball. We did this so that it was easier to make the first incision. Then Caitlyn made the first incision for us using a scalpel. When she did this some of the aqueous humour was released. We then used scissors to cut around the eye. As we were cutting heaps more aqueous humour spilled out. 

When we had finally finished cutting the eyeball in half a mysterious marble-shaped object spilled out. It was called the lens. When you look through the lens the object on the other side is seen upside down. This is because our brains correct the image so that we see it the correct way up. This information is delivered to the rain through the optical nerve. The optical is located at the back of the eye and looks like a small tube. It was very disgusting but amazing!"

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