Home Learning

Students in Team Pohutukawa have the option of completing their home learning either online or offline. Each week, students will either receive a digital home learning sheet via Google Classroom or will collect a paper copy of it from their teacher.

The steps for accessing  home learning are displayed below:

Here's a close up of the home learning sheet:

Students, your parents/caregivers will help you to select 2-4 home learning activities from the table below. You should focus on areas that you need to work on the most. If you want to change your chosen activities later in the term, you can do so but only if your parents/caregivers agree. You need to highlight each activity as you finish it to show that it has been completed. When you have completed your home learning, a parent/caregiver needs to write their name at the bottom of this page as verification. Once this is done you need to use the Turn In feature of Google Classroom to submit your home learning for this week or hand in your home learning book if you can’t use Google Classroom.

Touch Typing
Read for at least 2 ½ hours in your own time this week (or an amount agreed to by your parents/caregivers).
Select, practise and learn 5 - 20 spelling words (or an amount agreed to by your parent/caregiver). You can get lists from school or from: http://pohutukawa.
Complete an activity typing greed to by your parents/caregivers. Some possibilities are:
Collect a handwriting booklet from school or generate your own at http://www. worksheetworks.com/
english/writing/handwriting/ precursive-practice.html and then practise your handwriting.
Add a photo of your completed handwriting sheet to this document or return your booklet to school on Friday.
Basic Facts
Inquiry Research
Physical Education
Practice and learn your basic facts (times tables, addition facts etc.) on Sumdog or in an alternative way that your parents/caregivers agree to.
Choose a topic that you are interested in. Gather information on your topic, write it in your own words and present it in an appropriate manner e.g. slideshow, poster etc.
Investigate and create a piece of art of your own choice.
Complete a physical education activity outside of school time that your parents/caregivers agree to e.g. sport training, swimming, horse riding, cross country training etc.
Performing Arts
Complete music tuition outside of school time or create and record a piece that you have learnt how to play.
Complete performing arts (e.g. dance, drama etc.) training outside of school time or video an item you have learnt.
Complete an out of school club or activity e.g. Brownies, Cubs etc.
Complete another activity as agreed to by your teacher and parents/caregivers. Write your activity here: