Friday 18 March 2016


We have been very fortunate the past few weeks to have Canterbury Softball at Beckenham School teaching our year five and six students some key throwing, catching and batting skills. Today was our last session and the children had a great time putting to good use all the key skills they have been practicing. Here is a video of one our students doing a massive hit and the fielders working extremely hard to get him out. Have a look to see the outcome and how in Pōhutukawa whānau we love challenge and we get there together!


Tuesday 15 March 2016

Swimming at Jellie Park

What an incredible day we had yesterday at the pool! We had a slightly chilly start to the day but luckily the sun came out and everyone had a really great time. The children all did an excellent job at upholding our school values 'we get there together'. My personal favourite moment from the trip was seeing dozens of children deciding to demonstrate how they 'love challenge' by jumping off the highest diving board! I was so impressed that I too decided to join in the fun (which I later regretted once I had climbed to the top of the ladder!). It was a fantastic day! A HUGE thank you to all the parents who supported us on the day. Without your help trips like this wouldn't be possible.


Saturday 5 March 2016


In Team Pōhutukawa we are learning about refugees. We have been simulating the refugee experience in our hubs through a series of games.

The children have been sorted into families and each family has their own refugee story.

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 We have had to find our family while blindfolded (simulating the experience of being in a bombed city)

In both hubs we set up a refugee camp for a day.

Not a very comfortable place to work and sleep!

Waiting for the daily allowance of rice.

The next part of our learning is for the children to work together in groups to research a group of refugees. We will encourage them to think critically and empathetically when they ask questions and research their chosen group. We would love you to talk about their research and support them in their inquiry.