Thursday, 28 May 2020

Pōhutukawa Sport in 2020

Sport in 2020

We are currently working with schools in our zone, Sport Canterbury and other local sporting bodies to plan for what competitive sporting options might look like this year. All planning for sports will follow the guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Given the current climate, we may need to adapt and change plans, (possibly last minute), as new guidelines and instructions are released by the government. We will endeavour to keep you up to date.

Winter Sport
All children will be involved in winter sport. This week the children have been asked to fill in a survey asking their preference of sports and asking them to choose between development or competitive.

The sports that the children were asked to choose between were netball, hockey, football, rugby, badminton (development only) and table tennis (this is also looking like it would be for development only due to low take-up from other schools).

You may like to talk with your child about the options that they selected. If they feel like they made a mistake on the form, please email Anne.

Development teams have a focus on developing technical skill within a low-pressure and non-competitive environment. Games will be against their peers and have a focus on fun.

Competitive teams have a focus on developing technical skill and a focus on preparation for competition. Government guidelines permitting, they will compete against other schools in our zone.

Competitive Winter Sport

We are currently planning a zone-based winter sport option for 2020. This replaces travelling to Hagley and Nuweek Parks and involves competitive games against teams from our zone, utilising local parks and schools. This plan reduces the need to travel across town, minimises the number of people that the children come into contact with and makes contact tracing easier.

Winter Tournament

No information at this time

Cross Country

Currently, Sports Canterbury is looking at the beginning of term 3 for a Canterbury level event. Our Zone is currently looking at week 12 as a possible time for our Zone competition, making week 10 a logical time for our school-based event. We are still working through what this will look like. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a whole school event will be possible. Training for cross country will start for children Years 5 to 8 next week. This gives the children time to prepare physically and mentally for this challenge.

Year 0 - 4 Cross Country

No information at this time


Pioneer will be running 3 on 3 games for four weeks in term 2. These will be played on a half-court. To keep the numbers down, no spectators will be allowed inside the gym as spectators. One adult per team will be allowed in the gym to manage the team. From term 3, the hope is that the usual 5 on 5 games may resume.

Canterbury Swimming and Canterbury Duathlon

There is a possibility that these events may run in term 4. This can not be confirmed yet.

Hanmer Springs 4 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge

This event has a new date of Saturday the 14th of November.

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