Tuesday 2 July 2019

T2 W10 in Pōhutukawa

No winter sport this Friday

Our travelling winter sports teams do not play on Friday, the last day of the term.
Winter tournament is on Tuesday 23 July, the first Tuesday back of the term.

CCC - Cool Curriculum Classes

This term for CCC we have offered music, culture (Social Studies), well being (Health), library and coding. On Monday, for the last session of the term, the children rotated around every class.

Lillie - "I really enjoyed music because you got to learn about different kinds of genres and got to learn more than you knew already."

Katya - "My favourite CCC was coding because it was really fun. It was good for your brain to learn about coding and it will be good for the future."

Josh - "Culture was my favourite subject because we learn about the ways people are different and about the NZ culture."

Luca - "I enjoyed going to the library because it's a calm, fun space where people can enjoy their books."

Lachy - "Well being helped me because doing mindfulness is good for my body and brain."


Drama Day

Today we have had a focus on drama. The students made groups, chose to select a script, adapt a book or movie, or make up a play. They have practised, made props, acquired costumes and then have volunteered to perform their play on the stage before our hub. It has been really pleasing to see the children working collaboratively, compromising and using their imagination.Who knew we had such a fabulous bunch of aspiring actors and actresses?


Have a super break. Fingers crossed the weather plays its part, and we look forward to everyone returning back to school safe and sound, on Monday 22 July.

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