Wednesday 17 October 2018

2018 T4 W1 in Pōhutukawa

Welcome to the final term of 2018.

Living Springs Camp 13-15 November (Week 5)
Thank you to all of the adults who volunteered to assist us on camp. We have a fabulous number of adults who are giving up their time to participate in our camp programme.
Shortly we will be sending home medical forms and gear lists.
If you have any questions about camp please free to contact any teacher in our hub for more information.

Cycle safety
The year 6 students are participating in a Christchurch City Council run cycle safety programme this week. With summer coming up it is great to see our children learning to be more confident in their biking skills on the road.

The Great New Zealand Shake Out
Our school has signed up for the Great NZ Shakeout School Challenge. Each person that completes the 8 challenges with their families will be in to get some cool prizes.
Some of the challenges include...

  • Show someone how to drop cover and hold – inside and outside.
  • Check your tsunami zone and plan where to go.
  • Store water for three days or more.
  • Identify which key household objects need to be secured or made safer through Fix. Fasten. Don’t Forget.
  • Find out which natural hazards could affect your family.
  • Work out what to pack in a getaway bag for your family.
  • Make a plan that includes who will pick up the kids if the adults can’t get to school.
  • Make a list of who can help in an emergency
The students have been given a booklet to take home. If your child would like to participate by completing all of the challenges, they just needs to bring the booklet back, with each challenged signed to say it was completed, to collect their small prize.

Welcome assembly
This term's welcome assembly is on Friday at 2:30. We welcome everyone back to the new term, and Pōhutukawa in particular welcomes two new students and their whānau to our school.

Athletics training has started this week, and it is very encouraging seeing the students improve in many of the athletics disciplines. Our school athletics day is in week 3, Thursday 1 November.

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