Monday 1 August 2016

Term 3 Learning in Team Pōhutukawa

This term, the two central themes for learning in Team Pōhutukawa are "Asia Awareness" and "Entrepreneurship". As part of their learning, our students will work in small groups to investigate an Asian culture of their choice. They will then learn to develop an authentic business based on this culture throughout the rest of the term.

In Week 8, the students will open their businesses at a special "Market Day" that families and the other classes will be invited to. During the Market Day, each business will operate a small shop where the children will sell their Asian themed product/service. The money raised from the businesses will go towards reducing the cost of camp in Term 4.

The children will be provided with some start-up resources for their business. They are also allowed to accept donations from family members but this is entirely at your discretion. Please do not feel pressured to contribute anything at all unless you want to. This is an authentic opportunity for the children to develop financial literacy skills and understand the value of money.

The children are very excited about developing their businesses and we are all looking forward to Market Day.

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