Wednesday 1 April 2015

At Beckenham School we get there together!

In maths we undertook a statistical investigation on how children feel about learning in hubs rather than single cells. We used a google form to survey the children in Hub 14/15.

The information we gathered from these fifty students, shows their opinion on learning in the modern collaborative learning space, or the old formal classrooms, which are also known as single cells.


The first question we asked was: Where do you prefer to hang your bag?

When we were back in separate classes there was space in between the rooms to hang our bags. But when the walls got knocked down there was no room so the bags went on hooks outside.

Our investigation of this question shows that 60 percent of the hub likes their bag inside and only 40 percent of the hub likes their bag outside.
We asked kaia her opinion on bags.
She prefered it when we hung them inside.
Kaia prefered them inside because if you had yogurt in your lunch it goes slimy and yucky  when it gets warm.

The second question  we asked was how do you like to do your literacy?
Beckenham school has developed a new way to do literacy. This new way is called self directed learning.
Self directed learning in literacy looks a bit like this: At the beginning of the week we are given tasks which we need to complete by the end of Friday. We do this independently and self manage our time.

We have discovered that three quarters of the hub prefers self directed literacy over non self directed literacy.

Another question we asked was: How do prefer to be taught? By one teacher or two teachers?

It was interesting to find that 60% of the hub prefers having two teachers, and only 40 % prefers one teacher.

Another question we asked was Where do you like to work. The options were: outside, the learning cafe and the focus factory. Twenty three people prefered to work outside, six people prefered the focus factory and nineteen people prefered the learning cafe.

Also we asked how do you prefer to do P.E as a hub or in a single cell. Four fifths of the hub like to play P.E as a hub and only one fifth of the hub likes to play P.E as a single cell.

By Daisy and Rosie

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  1. What an awesome statistical investigation you girls have completed. This information is super useful for us teachers and I bet it is just as interesting for all your parents and whanau too!