Tuesday 22 October 2019

T4 W2 in Pōhutukawa

Athletics Day

This year, Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto is excited to announce that we will be holding our athletics celebration as a whole school event. This will take place on Monday the 4th of November (week 4). Years 5 to 8 will be out on Beckenham Park competing in field and track rotations all day. Years 0 - 4 will start the day with their usual school routine and join us on the park for their run, jump, throw rotations from 11:50 am. 

Athletics learning is a key part of our PE curriculum across all teams. The children are being taught safe and effective techniques as well as perseverance, resilience and sportsmanship. Our whole school athletics day is a celebration of this learning. 

This year, all children will compete alongside each other rather than in boy/girl events. This is one way that we are seeking to make the event inclusive to all. Sport Canterbury do have gender-based divisions for zone level competition and we will still be able to identify qualifying athletes from Years 5 - 8 to represent our kura at this event. To achieve this we will run our sprint finals for Years 5 - 8 by gender. Like previous years, we will be identifying a top girl and boy athlete from each year level from 5 - 8 who will be recognised at a Celebration Assembly following the event.

Our athletics day concludes with sprint finals, starting at 2:00. Our whole school will come together to cheer on the runners. The final event is a House Relay, which doubles up as an adult versus children race. With years 0 - 8 participating in this relay, we are going to need your support to make up an adult team. Bring your running shoes!

Long jump for years 5 - 8 will be held at Hillview Christian School, on a separate date, yet to be confirmed. 

More detailed information about the day’s programme will be communicated to you before the event. 

The children are training most days in the field events, and it is great to see so many children prepared with appropriate footwear.

Sun Hats

During Terms 1 and 4, the expectation is that everyone is to wear a sunhat. We require everyone to wear hats that shade the face, neck, and ears, whenever the children are outside and involved in school activities. Hats must be broad-brimmed (min. 7.5 cm), or legionnaire/bucket hats (min. 6 cm brim, deep crown). These hats provide significant protection to the eyes. If a child does not have a hat at school, they will be asked to stay in an allocated shaded area.  For Year 5 - 8 this area is in the courtyard. 

Thank you to those parents who have dug out a sun hat already!

Cycle Safety

This week our year 6 students are involved in the Cycle Safe Programme provided by the Christchurch City Council. 
Cycle Safe is a cycle skills education programme for schools.  Students learn the benefits of cycling and how to ride with confidence and be road-wise.
The programme includes:
  • Cycle maintenance and helmet fitting
  • Basic cycling skills
  • Road rules
  • On road cycling
The students are to bring with them their bike, lock and helmet to school on the days their group is taking part.
The groups are as follows:

Group 1 (participating Tuesday and Wednesday)

Ava , Grace H, Zoe L, Syesha, Mila, Molly, Zoe C (R), Ilia, Imedha, Olive, Jayda, Sophie R, Josh B, Max, Morgan, Sachit, Josh W, Riley, Brooklyn, Caleb, Deakyn, Julia, Rosie, Isabella, Luca & Te Paea.

Group 2 (participating Thursday and Friday)

Zara B, Nela, Aydan, Tabea, Zoe-Arianna, Jonty, Mahli, Jill, Marriyah, Lexie, Gracie, Eli, Justine, Fern, Nevannah, Matilda, Layla W, Zara M, Fergus McM, Layla J, Aarav, Cooper, Seth, Otis, Connor C, Mac, Connor I & Marcellus.

Sexuality Education

As part of our health curriculum, we will be teaching 'Nagivating the Journey: Sexuality Education' to our Year 5 - 8 classes this term.  If you would like to find out what is involved in these lessons or have any questions, you are invited to attend a parent meeting in the staffroom on Monday November 11th, between 7 and 8pm. Please indicate on this form if you plan to attend.


Our topic for writing at the moment is speeches. Every student should be underway with planning or writing their speech. Each student will present their speech to their home group unless there has been consultation with the home group teacher. The speech finals for our team will be Thursday 14 November at 2pm in the hall. 

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