Thursday 25 February 2016

Team Building:

Team building challenges teach us to work together and help us to learn more about ourselves and each other. They have also been amazing at helping us to deal with the HEAT! In the afternoons, when our rooms get hot and stuffy, what could be nicer that team building challenges with WATER?

Water Balloon relays!

Slip and Slide!

Sharing our Learning - Statistics

Have you ever wondered which coloured jelly bean is easiest to identify by taste alone? How about which one is the most difficult to identify? This question formed the basis of a statistical investigation in both hubs in Team Pōhutukawa

We worked together to gather data and then were able to make statements using the data as evidence. (In case you were wondering, the easiest colour to identify is definitely black, and the hardest one appears to be pink!) Of course, nobody minded testing the colours!

We are now working in groups on our own statistical investigations, using Google Forms to gather data. It is a real challenge to ask the right questions so that the data we gather will be useful.

When our surveys are completed Google Forms automatically generates graphs to show us the information we have gathered. Here are some examples:

This is such valuable information for our teachers!