Sunday 18 November 2018

T4 W6 in Pōhutukawa Whānau

Adult helpers required on Beach Education trip - Tuesday 27 Nov. and Wednesday 28 Nov.

As mentioned previously (via paper newsletter and a blog post) we have planned to undertake a Beach Education surf safety course on the above dates (week 7). This will involve all of our Year 4, 5 and 6 students (only the Y4 students from Pōhutukawa are involved).

To ensure the safety of our students we require adults to help with supervision. We require 10 adults for each day. As yet, we do not have enough volunteers to make this opportunity viable. Please consider your availability to help us out on one or both of these days and email Tracy if you are able to help.

We will be travelling to South Brighton over two days, splitting our children into two groups. The Year 6 students and those students competing in the Canterbury Triathlon will be going on Tuesday. The Year 5 and 4 students will be going on Wednesday.

Dates:  Tuesday 27th November & Wednesday 28th November
Time:  Leaving school at 9:00 am, returning to school at 3:00 pm both days.
Location:   South Brighton Surf Club

Training for some Year 5 students for 2019 road patrol with Constable Ross

On Tuesday Constable Ross will be training a group of Year 5 students who have volunteered to become part of the road patrol team for next year. Constable Ross takes a whiteboard session for an hour and then takes the students out to the school crossing so that can put what they have learned into practise.
We appreciate the students who take on this very important job of keeping our community safe in the mornings and afternoons of school days.

Last day on camp

As it did every day, the sun shone on us as we packed and cleaned on Thursday. After a delicious morning tea we headed off on a bush walk down to the farm park. Upon our arrival we were split into two groups. One group went horse riding and had a ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor, while the other group learnt about milking a cow and fed the farm animals. Once both groups had completed all activities we had a scrumptious BBQ lunch, followed by watching sheep shearing. After thanking our fabulous adult helpers we hopped on the bus for the ride back to school. There were a lot of tired children who headed home for a long weekend!
We do have a container of lost property if you would like to search for missing items. We also have a container of medication to be returned to owners.
We hope your children returned to you happy, tired and full of many stories. We had an amazing time!
Here are some photos from the final day on camp:

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