Wednesday 20 June 2018

Week 8 in Pōhutukawa

The hot topic around the hub is how many sunshine hours Christchurch has had in June, or not had! Approximately one hour a day is not doing our serotonin levels much good. Fingers crossed for the sunny, clear, cold days of winter! The students have been making great choices with regards to sensible footwear and wearing jackets and coats to protect themselves from the rain and cold.

On Friday, as we usually do, the teachers wandered around the hub, picking up bits and pieces and generally tidying. Imagine our surprise we noticed a number of lunch boxes still on the shelf in the maker space, along with abandoned drink bottles. We also gathered up a selection of footwear, which is still at school. We would love to see the lunchboxes and drink bottles go home daily, and how children manage to leave footwear at school, who knows! The routine is for the children to grab their lunch box on the way to pick up their bag (they literally walk past the shelves to get their bag). A further reminder from home to do this would be very helpful.

A pyjama mufti day for tomorrow has been organised by the Student Council in collaboration with the PTA. It is in support of The Methodist Mission to help restock food banks over winter. Please bring a can or two of food to donate. This can be dropped off at the multi purpose kitchen, and in exchange you can grab a bowl of hot porridge for a sustaining winter breakfast. The PTA will be making porridge for breakfast and this will be available from 8:00 - 8:55am from the hall kitchen servery. Please bring a named bowl if you would like to take advantage of this kind offer.

We had a fabulous day last Friday, learning much from our two special guests Ruud Kleinpaste (The Bug Man) and Riley Elliott (The Shark Man). The students were entertained, enthralled and informed by these guest speakers, who were a lead up to our Treemendous Day on Saturday. Many thanks to all of the families who came down to school to help out with the planting. What a fabulous community spirited morning it was, ending with a delicious sausage sizzle!

Reminder: Tuesday 26th June - School will close for formal instruction at 12:30pm
Due to the Paid Union Meeting for teachers in Christchurch that will be happening on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th June, we will be skeleton staff (Principal and Teacher aides only) from 12:30pm due to our teachers all needing to attend the union meeting. We are requesting that you pick up your children at 12:30pm that day, or contact the office to let us know they will be staying at school so we can arrange supervision.

On Tuesday 5 June, Gayle and several parents accompanied two basketball teams to Hillview School to represent Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto at the South Zone Basketball Tournament. Both teams played very well, and now we send good luck to the boys team which will be competing in the Year 5 & 6 Canterbury Primary Schools Indoor Basketball Tournament at Pioneer Stadium on Monday 25 June: Josh Brietmeyer, Harper Ford, Ben Newton, Izaak Broughton-Wealleans, Marcellus Scott, Walter McLoughlin, Henry Hood, Thomas Lyall, Josh Welch, Cooper Reddecliffe and Tom Armstrong-Gallot (who will be unable to attend as he will be travelling to France).

It might be a good time to check in with your cherub/s about how their stationery supply is going. It has been noticed that a few children seem to be lacking a pencil, pen or even have possibly lost a book!

We would like to introduce and welcome Eve Driver to our hub. Eve is from the University of Canterbury and is in her first year of studying to be a primary school teacher. She is based with the Beach and Tracy. Eve will be with us for two weeks, observing and learning lots. She then returns in term four for four more weeks, ready to learn more and begin some teaching. We know Eve will love being in Pōhutukawa, and we love having another teacher around.

Fingers crossed that the sun hangs around a bit more frequently! I'm sure we are all in agreeance that we love it when the children can get outside and run around, as well as the rays lifting our spirits!

Kind regards
Tracy, Katie, Nick and Gayle

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