Wednesday 4 April 2018

Week 9 in Pōhutukawa

Who can believe that we are in the second to last week of the first term?! My how time has flown, and thanks to Easter we are skipping towards the holidays at the end of next week.

Our writing topic at the moment is a piece of descriptive writing on the school fair, or a similar event. The focuses of the writing are to use present tense, to use the senses, to add detail to paint a picture in the reader's mind and to use interesting adjectives, vivid verbs and other figurative language features (e.g., similes, metaphors). The students have planned, done lots of brain storming on how the senses can be used and are now right in the middle of writing. It would be lovely for you to have a read of what your child has written so far. This is a definite perk of using Google Docs for writing, being able to access and share this writing with home. Have a peek at Max Graham's first paragraph below:

I come into the fair to see a rainbow of brightly coloured shirts of kids blocking the entrance like a wall of people, making it impossible for anyone to cross. I’m feeling stupid wearing my school uniform when other kids looked like the splashed paint on their shirts. I see a farm of kids singing in a circle. The year seven and eights are either selling candy floss, popcorn or walking around with signs that say ‘need help?’ I see a bouncy castle with a picture of Olaf on it. I see the dunk-a-dad hanging over his cold doom, either wishing for his free shower and soup, or wishing next year would be dunk-your-kid. I see people eating inside the hall, while waiting for a refill.
Max Graham

We have had a variety of sports and physical activities happening this term. Within our home groups we have had a focus on tennis, and games involving tennis balls, such as tee ball and cricket. We are very lucky to have had access to the Beckenham Tennis Club, and are very grateful to be able to regularly use the courts, tennis racquets and tennis balls. We have also had Canterbury Basketball providing us with outstanding basketball coaching and lessons. The players from the Rams have been extremely motivating and professional, promoting positive team spirit along with improving basketball skills. We have our last lesson with them on Friday.

Congratulations to the large number of children who have been involved in the sports events representing our school. Mentioned in the last blog post was a group of girls involved in a futsal tournament at English Park. They arrived back at school sporting pink shirts, as they had won best dressed teams, and were very enthusiastic about the game! Last week it was the zones for duathlon. Today there are children in McLeans Island competing in mountain bike races and tomorrow for some it is off to Rolleston to compete in the Canterbury swimming sports. It is fabulous to see so many children taking risks, competing at a high level and showing 'We Love Challenge'. As always, we are very grateful and thankful to our lovely adult helpers who support our tamariki with offers of transport and supervision.

Our inquiry on our sustainability topic is well under way, and the hub is buzzing with lots of research on a multitude of questions and topics. Again, if you would like to have a look at what your child is up to, please ask them to show you what they are finding out. We love Google!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in your child's learning.
Tracy, Katie, Gayle and Nick

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