Tuesday 21 July 2015


Today was a very exciting and action-packed day. We kicked off our inquiry studies for term three by taking the children on an intergalactic journey across the universe. Unfortunately our spaceship crash landed so now the children must plan how they will explore this new and unfamiliar planet whilst building a functional society. Who knows what challenges are around each corner! Stay tuned for some very exciting updates on our inquiry throughout the term.

The children in hub 14/15 also had another very new experience that was just as nerve wrecking as space travel. Speed dating! What better way to get all your holiday goss out and get to know your hub mates better? We provided the children with a list of questions to help them on each of their two minute dates before they were rushed onto the next. Highlight - When asked what his most precious possession was one young man answered "my brother" (awwwwww!). I think he must of known I was listening! Check out this great picture of all the fun below.

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